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Learn how to print US Postage Stamps from your printer - PC Postage™ ————————————

If you have a computer, printer, and Internet connection you can print postage, from your desktop  - 24 hours a day.  You simply use your browser to buy/download US Postage, then produce First Class, Priority, Express and Parcel Post stamps from your printer.

How it Works

The procedure varies slightly from company to company, but in general you will need to complete the following steps to be able to print your own postage.

•  Sign Up & Choose a Plan

•  Download & Install the Software

•  Use Your Free Postage *

You'll be able to print sheets of stamps, calculate exact postage for special mailings, and print professional looking envelopes, complete with barcodes and address correction.  And adding special services like Delivery Confirmation, Return Receipt, Certified Mail, Registered Mail and Insurance is easy.  When your packages and letters are ready to mail, simply give them to your carrier or drop them in a mail box

* gives you up to $25 in free postage

Print your own postage.

Print postage from your PC.
 Try today!

Endicia Internet Postage

Endicia Internet Postage

Try it free for 30 days & start printing postage right away!

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