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Be Listed Alongside Others from Your Class helps people find, connect, and keep in touch with old school friends, lost loves, business contacts, family members, and friends. When you register for free you'll be listed among others from your class.

Member benefits include the ability to e-mail groups and individuals, maintain an online address book, post and read messages, share photos with friends, post reunions and events, and automatically keep your contact's information up to date using GoodContacts™ software.

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How Does it Work?

1. Locate Your High School by selecting the correct State & City.

2. Join the Class — Fill out the form with a username and password of your choice.

3. Select Graduation Year and answer all questions. includes High Schools from the United States, many of the major U.S. Territories, Armed Forces: America, Europe and the Pacific and Canadian Provinces and Territories.

Alumni Access

Alumni Access is a paid subscription that allows users to have full access to nearly 10 million user profiles from all classes and schools available on the site, have access to Message Boards, send and receive Alumni Mail, and upload and post photos to your profile.

There is a one-year subscription rate of $36.00 and a special rate of $72.00 that will allow you to have three years of Reunion access for the price of two.

Millions are already listed - Find your old friends today!


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