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Income Tax e-Filing Information

Prepare and File your Taxes with a Computer - Income Tax e-Filing

Prepare & File Taxes Electronically

Nearly anyone with a computer, printer, and Internet connection can prepare and file their Federal Income Taxes electronically.  Using this method is not only quicker (tax refunds in as little as 2 weeks), but preparing tax returns is simplified and the margin for error is nearly eliminated thanks to tax preparation software.

Preparation & Filing Options:

Several options are available to taxpayers for obtaining the software needed to prepare taxes electronically.  They Include

  Purchase commercially available software

  Download software and prepare return offline

  Prepare return on-line

Commercially available software can be found at most bookstores, computer retailers, and department stores or you may purchase the software online through sites like  The AccountingAide Bookstore provides a easy to browse display of these products.

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Internet products can be used online, downloaded and used offline, or you can request a CD be sent to you (shipping charges usually apply).

How Does e-Filing Work?

It's really pretty simple and the software will walk you through everything.  The steps include:

  1. Prepare your taxes using a tax program.

  2. Make sure to respond to any alerts of error/omission and transmit the return (the software will walk you through this process).

  3. The file is converted to IRS format and transmitted to the Internal Revenue Service.

  4. After checking the return the IRS will send notification as to whether the return was accepted or rejected.

  5. Once your return has been accepted by the IRS you can use the tax program site to check it's status.

  6. In less than 3 weeks you'll have your return - 2 weeks if you use Direct Deposit.  If you owe money you may pay by mailing a check, using a credit card, or by automatic withdrawal from your bank account.

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