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Information about Internet Postage, Online Bill Pay, eLearning, and other electronic services.   How to eDo it - Do it Online

Use the Internet to Accomplish Everyday Tasks

Accomplish Everyday Tasks Online

Internet-based services like PC Postage, online banking, and eLearning have made it possible for millions of people to conduct daily activities without leaving home or the office.  This web contains information about these online services. Look around and learn more about some of these services and see if they're right for you or your business.

Do it Online!

• Invest Online

• Learn Online

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• Online Auctions



Use your computer and the Internet to accomplish everyday tasks

Access Your PC from Anywhere

Learn how to access your computer from anywhere in the world.

Online Auctions

Learn how to buy and sell your items on internet sites like eBay.

PC Postage™

Learn how to print U.S. postage stamps from your printer.  Now even print sheets of stamps.

Prepare & File Taxes Electronically

eFile your taxes this year.

Hold Online Meetings

Collaborate and make presentations online.

Grocery Shopping Online

See if you live in the delivery area, shop, select a delivery date, and checkout  - its that easy.

Find Old Friends

Locate and get in touch with old classmates, relatives, or military buddies.

Credit Repair

Clean up your credit and improve your F.I.C.O score.

DVD Rentals

DVDs in your mailbox - postage-pre-paid.

Store Files Online

Store, access & share files online.

Share & Print Photos Online

Share photos with friends and family.

Mail Forwarding (International)

Learn how to get a U.S. Street Address and save on international shipping.


Learn Online!
Online & Distance Educational Courses



Behavior Management

Building Trades

Business & Accounting

Career & Vocational


Computers & Internet

Counseling & Corrections

Criminal Justice


Drivers Education


Electrician & Electronics


High School

Home & Garden







Medical, Dental & Veterinary

Performing Arts

Science & Math

Social Sciences


Test Prep Courses

Travel & Hospitality

Writing & Publishing

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Information about Internet Postage, Online Bill Pay, eLearning, and other electronic services.

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